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Media Release: May 26, 2016. Toronto


Four Dominican Women to be recognized in Canada for their contributions:


The Commonwealth of Dominica, Ontario Association (CDOA) congratulates Trade & Investment Commissioner Ms. Frances Delsol on being voted one of Canada's top 100 Black Women To Watch In 2016. Frances, a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award Winner and the recipient of several community awards was selected for her unceasing contribution to building the African-Caribbean Community in Canada and for her tireless work for Dominica during last year’s Tropical Storm Erika Crisis.

The Canadian International Black Women (CIBWE) event to host Canada's Top 100 Black Women to Watch in 2016  takes place on June 11, 2016 at the Novotel Hotel in Toronto.  One of last year's winners, Hon. Celina Caesear-Chavannes  (originally from Grenada) and currently the Member of Parliament for Whitby and the Permanent Secretary to Prime Minister Trudeau, will be the Keynote Speaker.

The CDOA also congratulates three more of our own who were recently recognized in the newly published book titled Accomplished Black Canadian Women.  They are:

Warrant Officer Avril Jno-Baptiste Jones, a long-serving, well respected member of the Canadian Forces who served in Afghanistan and is a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award winner. 

Mrs. Eunadie Johnson sits on several Boards in Canada.  She is the Former Director of Women's Health in Women's Hands Network and an avid advocate for women's health.  Eunadie is sister to Dominica's former Prime Minister, Mr. Edison James

Dr. Dorothy Wills, well known for her humanitarian efforts, has dedicated her life to teaching, social work and to encouraging the integration of visible minorities into Canadian society.

Congratulations to all of you for your efforts in helping raise the profile of Dominica in Canada and for your unfailing contributions to building a better society.  Dominica is proud of you all!


Frances Delsol

Avril Jno-Baptiste Jones

Eunadie Johnson

Dr. Dorothy Wills

CDOA and Partners Scholarships

Sponsored by


  • To encourage and assist youth from the Commonwealth of Dominica, Ontario Community who are resident in areas served by the CDOA to pursue their educational goals at the University or College level.


  • To recognize academic efforts, community involvement and contribution in the Dominican community in Ontario.

Number and Value of Awards:
The minimum value of each scholarship to be awarded annually is Cdn $500.00.  The scholarships are non-renewable and non-transferable.  The scholarships are to be used towards full course of study, leading to a first Diploma or first Degree.
Where tenable:
These awards are tenable at any accredited university, community college or trade school in Canada.
To be eligible the applicant must meet the following criteria:
a)         Individuals who are not older than 24 years of age and whose parents, guardians or grandparents are of The Commonwealth of Dominica descent; or any Financial/Honorary Life member of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Ontario Association and who is in good financial standing.
b)         A first year or continuing student enrolled at or currently attending a university, college or trade school;
c)         Submit proof of enrollment to the qualifying university or college or
            trade school.  Proof of registration must be mailed or faxed to the CDOA by the Registrar.

d)         Student must be actively involved in the community or engaged in extra-             curricular  activities
Scholarship Committee
A Five (5) person Committee consisting two CDOA Past Presidents, two members of the current CDOA Executive and one financial member from the community will be responsible for administering the Scholarship on behalf of the Association. The Committee will select recipients and their decision shall be final.
   -        A copy of Academic transcript.
   -        Two letters of reference, one from an academic institution attended within the last two years of the year of application; and the other from a community member other than a parent outlining:
            a)  How the referee came to know you.
            b)  How long the referee has known you.
            c)  Why the referee thinks applicant is deserving of award

  • An essay of approximately 250 words outlining (in the student’s own words) indicating why applicant should be selected.

-        The applicant must also outline academic achievements and any volunteer activities and leadership roles they have assumed.

  • The applicant should also include any economic factors relevant to the application.

Requirement of the Recipient(s)
-        The Recipient(s) must be available to participate in future award/other CDOA ceremonies and be willing to serve as role models in the CDOA Community.
Terms of Payment
The first installment of 50% of the value of the scholarship will be issued to the recipient upon receipt of proof of enrollment for the school year. The second installment will be issued after completion of the same school year.
Closing date for application of scholarship for academic year 
Completed application package (please see list of required documents) must be received at the following address no later than August 31 of the year in which you are applying:

            The Secretary
            Commonwealth of Dominica, Ontario Association.
            PO Box 62518, 85 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON MlR 5G8
   (applications may be emailed.)
Scholarship recipient(s) will be contacted in a reasonable time and presented to the community during an annual CDOA Event.

Commonwealth of Dominica, Ontario Association

Last Name       _____________________   First Name  _____________

Address: __________________________________________________________  
Mailing address (if different from above)
E-mail address    ________________________   Tel: ____________________
Parents/Guardian Name and Address:  ___________________________________
Last High School Attended   _____________________________________________________
Last Grade        ______________                    Year of Graduation  ________
Name of the Institution you are/will be attending _____________________________________________________
List School and community achievements (you may attach a separate sheet)

Signature_______________________________     Date    ________________
Scholarship/Bursary Award Checklist:  Please include the following:
·             Academic transcript
·          Two letters of reference

  • A typed essay of approximately 250 words (indicating why applicant should be selected)  

  • A  resume.  


The CDOA thanks the many who made our 2016 Mother’s Day Celebration a success.  The reviews coming out of this year's event were that all were satisfied, but as always we aim to make next year’s bigger and better and look forward to your continued participation as we grow our organization.

This year we honoured twelve (12) mothers born 1944 or earlier. Our most senior Mother was born in January 1921, with two more Senior mothers born in 1923 and 1924 respectively.  All of our Senior mothers were treated to a gift presented by our young participants under 10 years of age. 

Our CDOA Anne Delsol Mother Of The Year Award was presented to Aflin St. Jean by the CDOA President Ms. Hetty Lawrence.  Our Birthday Mom received a gift and a bouquet and was serenaded by all with a Happy Birthday song.  Hottest mama, Bernardine Robin was treated to a gift of Nah Joke Hot Sauce compliments of Nettie Charles Owen. 

The CDOA thanks our MC, Newton Francis; DJ Velo of Intelligent Sound; Soloist Jennifer Sohan; our sponsors and donors:  MACPRI, Kerry-Anne Mclean of Organo Gold, Nettie Charles Owen of Nah Joke Pepper Sauce, Jereline of Jereline Jewellery,  Juliana Gregoire of the Body Shop Fairview, Teresa-Anne Martin, Paula Delsol of Ricki's in Brampton, Lyn Robin, Frances Delsol, Thora Williams and our many other volunteers and supporters who helped make our 2016 Mother’s Day a success.

All proceeds from the Mother’s Day event go directly to the Emergency Fund which aims to help Dominicans in need in Canada. Contributions to the CDOEF can be made throughout the year by contacting  Zisker Mills, the Director.   Your continued support is appreciated

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CANDO Scholarship Application

The CANDO Scholarship Organization is considering applications for a bursary this year. The successful applicants must have:


  A 75% minimum average at the Grade 12 level;

   Enrollment in a college or university

   A record of Community involvement

   Dominican Ancestry

   An underprivileged background

   Membership in CDOA is not a prerequisite for receipt of a bursary from our organization.


Any interested applicant can forward his or her application to Edmund Delsol@ or Hon. Justice Dr. Irving Andre @ at the earliest opportunity.


An official transcript of the applicant's Grade 12 marks are required for review purposes.

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